beaniebayjay asked: So! Hi first, I'm Jay. :) question: my hair was naturally wavy before I ever got a perm, which was in the sixth grade, and my hair is also very thick. I decided to go natural and bought pure castor oil for my hair and palmers olive oil conditioner spray. I'm still mostly permed, but my roots have grown. My hair gets super oily no matter if I put only a little oil, and on top of that: if I don't put enough it gets itchy quickly. Any tips? Also tips to make me stop picking at my hair? Thanks! :)

Hi Jay! If your hair gets super oily, you’re kinda lucky. Your scalp will keep your hair pretty moisturized all on its own — so that means keep the product application to a minimum! You won’t need that much. To avoid dry scalp, you could try a weekly scalp massage. Also, if your hair is super oily, I would keep my hair stretched if I were you, so the natural oils could go down your hair shaft smoothly.  I hope this helps!!!