Anonymous asked: Not having any luck with my 4C hair. So much info out there and while some say don't wash too much, my hair needs a cowash it seems every 3 days which I havn't done because it takes alot of time. No luck with products keep twist in and not frizzing. I clip my own ends but it hardly grows at all. Any suggestions on a product that will keep the twist in place? I tried wax once and they stayed, but it was a gooey mess and my roots frizzed. What's your take on it? Love the blog.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re frustrated, hon. Forget about everything you read — listen to your hair. If your hair needs to be cowashed every three days (sounds like my hair!), then do that! For non-frizzy twists, try using a setting lotion or gel before you twist that hair up, and make sure it’s fully dry before you take them out (maybe even invest in a hair net and sit under a hooded dryer for awhile to ensure your hair dries completely).  For hair growth, check out an earlier post I did.

I might be able to give you more specific suggestions and tips if you came off of anon and I could see your hair. I’m not sure why your cowashes would take such a long time. I might be able to help if you give me more info.