godpeace-hairgrease asked: Hi, I absolutely love love love your blog, I did my big chop in September of this year and it was about 1inch long then now it ranges from 4-6 inches, I love the growth don't get me wrong but sometimes I lose the faith and my confidence on bad days. How long have you been natural and and have you had a lose of confidence when you was in my stage? BTW I'm 18 and heading to college so some tips on how to keep my hair looking good while studying lol is much appreciated. THANKS A LOT!! I LUH YA DOE!

Thanks for the love!!!  I haven’t been natural that much longer than you, hon.  I had my first BC last April, but had to do a second one last July because I had significant heat damage from my transition.  So I’ve been natural for about 15 months, but I’ve been growing my hair for only the past year.

It’s not always easy being natural.  There have been moments when I’ve looked at my hair and either just wanted to cut it all off or go back to relaxing it because I understood how to keep my hair healthy and straight.  Typically, those moments came about when I was frustrated with the learning process.  I didn’t want to learn my hair, I wanted to know it already!  I was sick and tired of the trial and error, of not having long hair anymore, of not knowing how to style my hair.  BUT, each time, I got over it.  Usually, a good haircut helped.  When you’re growing out your hair, you’ll occasionally need a shape up.  Sometimes, you get in a rut and you need to change up what you’re doing with your hair.  Try some new protective styles.  Try a different WnG method.  Spend an hour or two watching YouTube videos.  Your hair and the hair of others can be inspiring.  Just keep your focus and your eye on the prize and those moments of self doubt will pass.

Congrats on heading off to college!!!  Have fun, but don’t have TOO much fun.  :-)  If you have your staple products, be sure to stock up before you leave home.  If you’re off to some liberal arts college in the middle of West Bumble, DEFINITELY stock up!  Don’t forget your satin pillowcase and your head scarves!  Not every college town has a Sally’s.  Once you get there, scour the town and see what’s available to you.  If there are other naturals on campus, stop them and ask them where they shop for hair care.  And if trips home are too difficult to manage when you need a restock, don’t forget about CurlMart.com and Amazon, which will ship products directly to you.  When it comes to establishing a routine, you’ll figure it out.  You’ll be on some crazy wackadoo schedule that’s yours and yours alone, so only you will know how to fit your washing and styling in there.  I would encourage you to have Sunday as your wash and deep condition day.  It starts you off right for the week, and you can nurse your hangover from the night before as you steam or sit under your hooded dryer.  Not that you would be drinking at 18 — right?!